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INDY SEARCH DOGS, INC. Air Scenting,Trailing, Article Searches, Cadaver and Water Recovery
Training Schedule


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Indy Search Dogs, Inc. has as weekly trainings scheduled....

Training is every Wednesday Evening from 6:30p.m until 9:00p.m.

Sunday Mornings from 10:00a.m. until 2:00p.m.

Training sites may vary...but if they change from the regular site there will be an email/ or phone call that will go out stating the change and where.

If you are not able to attend training you will be expected to contact the trainer to let them know that you will be unable to attend. Trainings start promptly at 6:30 if you are going to be late...please let someone know.

You will need to come to training with all of your equipment. Treats/toys etc for your k-9, leads, collars and a crate for your dog, no loose dog will be allowed unless in a particular training session that would call for it.

Handler will need flashlight, gloves, boots, BDU uniform pants and when you become a member you will be given a team logo t-shirt...until the probationary period is over you will be required to wear a dark navy blue tshirt/ or sweatshirt, blue jeans are fine as long as they are not worn/torn or faded... dark blue jeans only. It's recommended that the boots be waterproof, and insulated, because training does occur during the winter snow, and rain. We do not train in lightening, but rain does not stop us. We will not train in weather coditions that are risky to the health of the handler, and or dogs. It is our policy that while it's important to have a dog capable of training in some of the worse conditions, it's not our goal to risk the lives of our k-9's all in the name of "training".... there are means of training for conditions without doing that.

VISITORS: Visiting SaR teams/ or individual people are welcome to trainings, with prior approval thru the director of training. Wednesday training sessions are closed to Visitors, due to team meetings, and specialty training sessions. Sunday trainings for visitors are once Monthly. The third Sunday of each month. Please notify the trainers that you would like to attend a training session and you will be forwarded information on the training site, and or whether there are any available slots.