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INDY SEARCH DOGS, INC. Air Scenting,Trailing, Article Searches, Cadaver and Water Recovery
About Our Club


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Our Team

We are currently 14 members, and eight k-9. We have dogs that do human remains detection, building searches, article searches, wilderness, rubble,

We strive for the goal of helping out people that are going thru a deeply emotional time with the loss of a friend or family member. Our team is dedicated to reuniting loss individuals with their family and friends... or the unspoken... putting a closure to a traumatic experience.

History of Our Club

We all got involved some time ago... had the "calling"... picked the right dog.... read many different types of books.. articles.. surfed the web.... made the commitment to ourselves and our dogs to give all we had to training and working our dogs in hopes of one day being able to find at least one person.... giving the gift of a returned lost child..... helping a lost we joined a group. It started out being what we thought it should be. With our lack of knowledge and our willingness to learn from those we thought knew and had it all...we worked our dogs... we put in many hours of hard work.. frustration on those bad days....and days when our dogs showed promise.. and then struggled thru those days when it seemed our dogs would never understand....

so we got together... decided that with team work... dedication... and the willingness to work together as a team.. not as individuals doing the same thing... we decided we could better serve the community and ourselves by creating our own group. We have started small...with the knowledge that one day we will be many more teams strong.

The thing that is so very important about our group is we work as a team... we help each other with those stumbling blocks in training our dogs... we rejoice in the accomplishments of each team members. We all have the same common goal... we want to search... we want to go out there... with each other working as one.. with our dogs and the help of law enforcement... the community... and all that are there to support and to do the "job" and find every person we can possibily find... bring them back to their families... erase the fears of someone you love missing..... comfort them... with no spoken words...but the strong silent action of bringing home their family member.. their friend.

With our dedication and our strong desire to help others... we will make this one of the best search and rescue teams we can.